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Moving to a new country can be very stressful. In this post I am going to tell you how to open a Finnish bank account, getting a Finnish Identity Card, a phone number and registering yourself into the population registry Maistraatti

You are probably very excited for orientation week and to meet your fellow classmates and get started with the exciting courses waiting for you.

There will be tons of exciting things to do during the upcoming years of study in Finland. You will make new friends and learn new things everyday.

But firstly it is important to take care of a few necessary things to keep moving smoothly and study effectively.

Identification, Banks and a permanent sim-card
Certain important steps need to be taken on your arrival. Once u have received your residence permit you will also be assigned a social security number. It comprises your date of birth and a unique code created for you (eg.

If you haven’t applied for a residence permit yet, please do so. You can find additional information on how to apply here:

This number will also be printed in your residence permit card and would be used to identify you in certain places.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to check the box that you wish to be recorded in the Population system while filling out your residence permit application

When you agree to that you automatically get a social security number. It is alright if you have already sent out your application without checking that box. You can always register yourself once you arrive to Finland at Maistraatti, the local registry.

It just makes things simple and efficient if you do so beforehand.

You also should apply for a Finnish identity card at the police station
This helps you identify yourself using your bank credentials and your mobile certificate. Read the links below. It is very useful to know these things when you are moving into Finland.

Remember, your Finnish identity card cannot be used to travel outside Finland. You will be needing your passport and your residence permit.

It is good to use your Finnish identity card to identify yourself in Finland and keep your passport at home; safe.

Opening Finnish bank account
Your degree will probably last for 3 to 4 years. Having a Finnish bank account could prove very helpful in the long run

Opening a Finnish bank account is easy if you follow the instructions carefully.

You will have to pay bills, rent and other n the long run.expenses every month during your time studying here; a Finnish bank account will just make it simple. Using your native bank account could cost you a lot of service tax.

Here are some things you would like to know about opening a bank account in Finland

It is very easy to create a Finnish bank account if you have all the requisites. Your social security number will be used to open your bank account
You will get your bank card a week after opening the account and a while later can start using your internet banking. Internet banking makes everyday banking easier because you can do it anywhere; on your phone, tablet and overall it is not mandatory but it proves very convenient
These are a few popular banks in the country and you can also use their services throughout Europe- Nordea, OP (Ossuspankki) and Danske bank.

Getting a Finnish post-paid phone number

  • There are two ways you can get a post-paid sim card. The first option is using your new home address in Finland and usually you need to be living in Finland for a year to get a post-paid phone number
  • Second way would be to use the home address of somebody you know and whose residence is in Finland
  • Generally, international students opt for a pre-paid sim-card. Some operators could change it into a post-paid number; this is convenient in the long run.
  • As a student you get many benefits on call, texts and unlimited internet with certain post-paid schemes
  • The popular operators of Finland are DNA, Elisa and Sonera

Once all the formalities are taken care of, all you have to worry about is making the best out of this amazing experience.

23 Oct 2018