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Live and study in finland

World-class education

Roughly 40 years ago, Finland implemented huge changes in the education system and has consistently been at the top of the global education rankings ever since. The Finnish educational excellence is something that every prospective student has heard of, and thus many international students come to Finland to get their degree. The difference between Finland’s higher education institutions and those in other countries is that in Finland, the people that are in charge of the education system, are all experienced teachers, not politicians. The education system in place is thus focused on helping students learn in the best possible way, instead of merely pushing students through.

“It’s simple, really… We believe that everyone in the world should have a shot at a superb college experience, and that’s how Edunation was born.”

The aim of the Finnish higher education is to make the students independent and give them all the necessary skills and tools they may need in the future. In addition to classroom teaching, many universities also require students to do an internship as part of their degree. This is to give the student a chance to put their knowledge into practice before graduation. This also gives the student a tremendous advantage in the job market, as employers always look for talented young people with some sort of work experience, be it internships, volunteering or a previous job. Plenty of international students stay in Finland after graduation for work, and some of them even start their own companies. It is also worth noting that several universities in Finland have partnerships with companies, through which students can get an internship or even a job.

Kick-start your future

Edunation has partnered up with Finnish universities that offer the most distinguished degrees, from business to marine technology. To find the perfect degree for you, and start the future you’ve always dreamed of, browse through the many degrees that we’ve carefully selected for you!

All Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences are state-recognized. The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre audits the quality management systems of the higher education institutions regularly.

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